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Welcome to our Dairy

C. Constantinou Dairy Factory is a small family business, in the beautiful village of Prastio in Avdimou, located in the city of Limassol, Cyprus.

With expertise and tradition, which was passed on from grandmother Christina to her namesake granddaughter and later to her great-grandson Vassilis, we have become one of the small and medium-sized companies active in the field of the “Production of 100% handmade dairy products”.

C. Constantinou LTD “PRASKITIKO” Dairy Factory produces and supplies products, such as Handmade premium Fresh and Mature Halloumi Cheese, Handmade Fresh and Dry Anari, Handmade Fresh Trahana and Handmade Traditional Flauna Cheese, to businesses and individuals, locally and abroad.

After so many years of experience, we continue to use the traditional recipes, the same methods and techniques that our grandmothers passed on to us.

Our ProductsHandmade & Premium quality cheeses


Traditional Fresh Halloumi Cheese, in a package

The handmade, premium quality halloumi cheese is made from 100% goat and sheep milk. Ideal for vegetarians!

halloumi brine

Traditional Fresh Halloumi Cheese in brine

Traditional Fresh Halloumi cheese in brine “Praskitiko” handmade Halloumi cheese stands out for its white colour and soft texture.

Traditional Packaged Mature Halloumi Cheese

The handmade mature halloumi cheese is prepared following the tradition have been used by the family for 4 generations.

Mature Halloumi in brine

Traditional Mature Halloumi Cheese in brine

The traditional, premium quality and handmade, mature “Praskitiko” halloumi cheese remains for 40-60 days in brine to mature.

Unsalted Fresh Anari

Unsalted Fresh Anari

The handmade, premium quality anari cheese “Praskitiko”, is produced from 100% goat and sheep milk.

Dry Anari Cheese

“Praskitiko” dry anari, is made from 100% goat milk. The product is a popular ingredient in Cypriot cuisine.


Handmade Flauna Cheese

This premium kind of cheese is well known in the Cypriot market and is used for the preparation of traditional fauna.



The Cypriot traditional handmade trachanas is produced from premium wheat and 100% goat and sheep milk.

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The investment project of the company is financed by the European Union’s Recovery and Resilience Facility within the framework of the Grant Scheme for the reinforcement of processing and/or trading units of agricultural products.

The goal is to strengthen the resilience of the agricultural sector, promote the diversification of economic activity, and accelerate sustainable economic growth.