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PraskitikoHandmade, premium quality, traditional dairy products

“We offer a wide range of Cypriot cheese products, made with love and dedication.”

C. Constaninou “Praskitiko” Dairy Factory produces, packs and provides companies in Cyprus and abroad with handmade traditional Cypriot cheese products.

Making good use of the knowledge, experience, methods and techniques left as a gift by the initiators and creators of the company, the Dairy supplies the market daily with 100% handmade sheep and goat products:

Fresh Halloumi Cheese

Mature Halloumi Cheese

Unsalted And Salted Anari

Dry Anari

Flauna Cheese

Fresh Trachana

It is worth noting that all the products of C. Constantinou “Praskitiko” Dairy Factory, are ideal for vegetarians, since rennet of non-animal origin is used in their preparation.
Additionally, we use bags which are recycled for the packaging of “Praskitiko” products.

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Halloumi Cheese

Halloumi cheese is a purely Cypriot cheese, which has received P.D.O certification (Protected Designation of Origin), in 2021. Its particularity lies in its white colour, strong smell and rich taste.

The product has been loved by a large portion of consumers around the world and is ranked 5th in terms of demand compared to other cheese kinds.


Anari is a type of myzithra (whey cheese) originating from Cyprus. Although it is less well known than other types of Cypriot cheese, it has become popular with those who follow a healthier lifestyle. Traditional anari cheese is rich in protein and low in fat.

After its production, anari can be consumed either fresh (for breakfast or as a snack) or in dry form (for more flavour in pasta).


Flauna cheese

Flauna cheese is widely known in the Cypriot market and is mainly used at Easter for the preparation of the traditional local dish (cheese pie), the famous flauna.


100% fresh goat and sheep milk and wheat are used for the preparation of the “Praskitiko” handmade, premium quality, fresh trachana. The mixture remains covered for 24 hours, until the wheat has absorbed all the liquid from the milk.

The product is available in a 500gr package.


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