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Anari is a type of myzithra (whey cheese) originating from Cyprus. Although it is less well known than other types of Cypriot cheese, it has become popular with those who follow a healthier lifestyle. Traditional anari cheese is rich in protein and low in fat.

After its production, anari can be consumed either fresh (for breakfast or as a snack) or in dry form (for more flavour in pasta).

Traditional Unsalted Fresh Anari

“Praskitiko” handmade fresh anari, is made from 100% goat milk and is bagged in recyclable packaging of 500gr and 1kg.

ansalted anari

Traditional Dry Anari Cheese


“Praskitiko” handmade dry anari, is a hard cheese made from 100% goat milk, with a rough texture. The product is a popular ingredient in Cypriot cuisine and is mainly used grated as seasoning in pasta dishes.

The product is available in variable weight packaging

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