Dairy Farm


Mrs. Christina Constantinou, from whom the namesake company was later named after, set up a small dairy in her village, Prastio in Avdimou, occupying an area that did not exceed 100 square meters.

The Constantinou family has a tradition of more than 2 centuries in sheep and goat breeding as well as halloumi cheese production. Mrs. Christina had learned the traditional "art" of making halloumi cheese from her mother and grandmother, Christina, when she was still a small child of 12 years old and she herself growing up, has taught this particular art to her son Vassilis. The dairy operated only with Mrs. Christina working in it, selling her production to private individuals or to businesses, mainly in the area around the village.


Two more people joined the staff of the Dairy for the needs of handmade dairy products production.


Influenced by his family's tradition in animal breeding and cheese-making, Mrs. Christina's son, Vasilis, decided to support and strengthen the traditional way of making halloumi cheese, as well as the other cheese products of the Chr. Constantinou company.

Thus, completing his studies in the field of Business and Accounting, he takes over the management of the company. Both the academic knowledge and the expertise he already possessed proved valuable for the development and modernization of the business.


Christina Constantinou Ltd company was established.


The family business includes, in addition to the fresh and mature halloumi cheese and the fresh and dry anari, fresh trahana and flauna cheese among the products it makes.

Since then, the family had begun considering the possibility of upgrading and expanding it. In the same year, the trade name "PRASKITIKO" was registered for the fresh and mature halloumi cheese produced by the Christina Constantinou Ltd Dairy.


The construction of the new European-standard dairy begins in the village of Prastio in Avdimou, with a total area of 500 sq.m.


The company secures an award in the category "Agricultural Crafts in the Countryside" from the Ministry of Agriculture at the 14th Pancyprian Agricultural Fair and in April of the same year it moves to its new premises.


The brand "PRASKITIKO" is used for all products produced by the Dairy.

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